Timelapse 2015

Timelapse 2015

By Joe Gilmore On February 25, 2015 In Timelapse Videos

During a two month trip to New Zealand my girlfriend Jamie and I spent about a month in both the North and South Islands driving around and visiting as many amazing places as we possibly could. In fact so many places it required an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all of them... to which I am so thankful to Jamie for her amazing organizational skills otherwise I would have got lost around the first bend and ended up living with shrek the sheep for the entire 2 months!

I used my Canon 5D Mkiii and had two lenses with me... a 24-70mm f2.8 and a 14mm f2.8 which is a super wide angle and an absolute must for taking photographs of such wide open and stunning scenery. Unfortunately I would have had a lot more night time footage if I'd have done my research first but I now know that in order to take a decent length timelapse of the stars you need a lens warmer of some kind as on many occasions the lens fogged up after only 30 minutes of shooting so the footage was ruined! (At 30 second exposures... 30 mins is only 20 photos, so not even a second of footage!!) So for anyone looking to take night time timelapses of the stars... one thing you NEED to get is a lens warmer!

Movement for the shots was done by using a portable slider kit which is fantastic for travelling around as it collapses into a standard on-board suitcase - however its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness... and that it is pretty flimsy and weak! After all the packing and unpacking it had developed a nasty wobble... and although I've tried my best to clean up the footage as much as possible it's still got a couple of shakes and bumps that I haven't been able to iron out

I also lost over two days of footage after a huge error on my behalf as I was switching from Windows to Mac and while I thought I was copying nearly 100Gb of files over one of the files was corrupt so didn't copy... so thinking the rest had copied over I stupidly deleted the files without checking and it turns out not a single file had copied over!!! I tried running file rescue software but virtually all of the files were now corrupted and it was lost forever! I felt like a prize idiot that day!

At the end of the Trip I had about 1.5Tb of RAW files to process... and just under a year later I have finally put them all together! This is now my third attempt at making a timelapse video and I am always learning more and more each time I do one. The next upgrade to my equipment will no doubt have to be a sturdier slider that can also do panning shots as well.

Timelapse 2015 - New Zealand

I absolutely love doing shooting these... it's just a hobby but I've always been fascinated by Photography and making these videos has certainly taught me a lot since I picked up my first SLR back in 2011. Sitting down and doing nothing except watching the world go by is one of life's most effortlessly enjoyable things you can do. Throw in a sunset or sunrise and its epically powerful, lay down and watch the stars float past you and it becomes magical. Shooting these Timelapse videos forces you to go out and do just that each and every day and its pure gold! When you get back and watch the final product its mesmerizing to watch what can be 30 minutes to 4 hours condensed down into a short 10 second clip.

Most of these shots (2 clips were from Australia) were filmed around the North and South Islands of New Zealand during an amazing 2 month trip I took. Possibly the best "holiday" I've ever taken, we hired a car and drove around the north island for 1 month staying where-ever we could and then hired ourselves a campervan for the south island which was just superb! I usually hate those campervans but in a country like New Zealand where the traffic is around 1% of the volume you get in the UK you can see how amazing it is to drive around in one.

I shot these using my Canon 5D MkIII with either  24-70mm f2.8 or my 14mm f2.8 prime lens, and I had a travelling slider kit from Dynamic Perception... which unfortunately was a bit wobbly and I had to use a lot of post production editing to try and get rid of the wobble... some clips were unfortunately unusable in the end!

However overall I am rather pleased with how it turned out and I'm hoping to be able to shoot many more!

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Below are a few of the photos I managed to take while on the trip: